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CNG Kits Delhi

Fitment Center Location :
  • S-11, Pul Pehlad Pur, BadarPur, New Delhi -110044
Phone : +91-9870285687

CNG Kits Type :

CNG Kits are of two Types :

(1). Sequential CNG Kits (2) Conventional CNG Kits
Sequential CNG Kit is a Computerized CNG Kit and is latest. This is best for all latest petrol Cars euro 3 and above and is available at us in all make and models. We install Original Sequential CNG Kits imported from Italy and Argentina. Sequential CNG kits have better mileage, better pickup and do not harm car engine in any way.

Conventional CNG Kit is the traditional CNG kit which is old in type, bulky in size and is suitable for old cars only. These kits are relatively cheaper and available in Imported as well as Indian made. We also install conventional CNG kits in all types of car.

Why Install CNG Kit ?

CNG is cheaper than petrol and is now easily available on CNG Filling Stations. Mileage of CNG running cars are 20% more than that at running on petrol. Hence running cars on CNG is very economical. Comparison chart relative to CNG is given below:
  Price Per KG Milege Cost Per 1000 KM
CNG Rs.40 18 Rs.2220/-
Petrol Rs.70 12 Rs.5835

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Lowest Price CNG Kits Delhi
Convert Your car to CNG. We install Government Approved CNG Conversion kit to Car. Just call us on +91-9870285687 and get Rs.500/- more off on the today market Price.


  S-11, Pul Pehlad Pur, BadarPur, New Delhi -110044